Tuesday, April 21, 2009


she was asleep when we got there.
her friend sitting beside her.
we quietly smiled and waved hello
as we took our places.

i glanced over at her a couple of times,
the lady with the funky sox that stole my heart
last time.

i could see her funky sox sticking out
from under her blanket. she had worn them
again! i smiled.

she slept a bit. and then she started

i waited with the patience of a four year
old. give her time, ter.
let her wake up.
of course, of course.
on the outside i was mature.
on the inside i was hopping up and down

after what seemed like a mature enough time
to wait, i quietly reached in my bag and took
out a present i had wrapped for her.

i leaned over the space between us and put it
next to her.

then i handed her friend a box of tea.
didn't want her to think i forgot about her!

but the real present was for my sock buddy.
it was another pair of the funky sox....only
a different color. i had seen them around on the
net. knew where to get them. ordered her a pair.

she slowly began to unwrap it.

as she opened them, i quietly sent her a message thru
the silver thread that connected us....
get well. be healthy, wear these this winter and feel
good again....

when she parted the tissue paper and saw the
blue mismatched funky socks, her whole face lit up.
and it touched something inside her. i saw it.

every cell in my body reacted to that.
i smiled shyly and joked a little.

then i went back to my book. give her a little space.

but she got it.
she seemed to know what i wanted to say.

and her reaction was one of the best gifts i ever got.

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Carmen Rose said...

Yum! I love how you love people!