Tuesday, April 21, 2009

every minute counted

some days are jammed pack full, aren't they?
it did turn into that twelve hour day....
and i wouldn't have traded a minute of it.

it was way harder than last time. people seemed
sicker this time. several times i looked around
that room and wondered what the energy there
would look like if i could see it.

there was so much heavy there....but what just
about blinded me was the caring that everyone
was showing everyone else.

the unspoken compassion. and the spoken compassion.
the touching of hands....and holding on just that
extra moment that you don't normally hold on for.

the eye contact that seemed to go deeper than

i thought of the threads between everyone....
and thought how much brighter they were shining
in that dark energy....

i was overwhelmed, saddened, and honored to be there.

i tried to keep that space open without intruding.
several times i gave a lot of thought to the balance
of that and asked the universe to just let the doors
open that needed to open when the time was right.

and somehow........they did.

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