Tuesday, April 21, 2009

little invisible threads....

beat already. two bad nite's sleep in a row.
hmmmmmm.....should make for an interesting day.

taking her to chemo again today.
with a stop today it's at least a ten hour outting...
but prolly more like twelve.

and yet, i keep thinking, yeah but a good nite's
sleep tonite will cure me.

and i hold what a gift that is. may i never take
my good health for granted.

tired can make me mellow. and mellow might just
be real good today. give her a little more space
to talk real if she needs to.

i sure would need to.

that's my goal today....to hold a space for her
and anyone there who might need one.

i'm thinking i actually want to keep that in the
front of my mind. think it when i look at people.
let them know thru that little invisible thread
that connects us all......

i wanna see if that works.......
if it does, maybe i oughta use that little invisible
thread more often!

1 comment:

Merry ME said...

You are an angel. If you can keep your eyes open while sitting for hours you'll be a superstar. The thread you connect with is irridescent and sparkly. It's barely visible til your light hits it, then it you can see rainbows of color bouncing of it.

Be blessed. I pray for you a good long sleep.