Tuesday, April 21, 2009

twice kissed

i was just showerin'....finishin' for the nite...
and i got to thinking about it...

years and years ago i wrote a bone sigh called
'her kiss.'
i even talked about it here awhile ago.

i think it goes something like this:
'you have taught me the strength of tenderness.'

i was in a room full of people who claimed
they loved me....and none of them were showing
me any kindness. all i was feeling were walls
and thorns....

i was lost.
it felt horrible.
i wasn't sure how to get thru it.

when she walked up to me and tenderly kissed me on
the cheek.

the only reaching out of kindness that whole nite.
i remember the profound depth of feeling that that
kiss brought up.

that very woman is who i'm taking to chemo with me.

that very woman was sitting there getting her chemo
dripped into her right next to me when my sock buddy
gave me her kiss on my cheek. (see post below)
same cheek as a matter of fact.

it was equally as tender.

i have only experienced that feeling that one other

twice in my whole life.

and there they both were. both women. right there
on each side of me.

that thought struck me just now.
it seems so odd.
how'd that happen?

i wish i knew how to return that feeling....
and i'm honestly at a loss....

i'm not worryin' about it right now.
i'm honoring it.

sometimes you get a golden nugget in your life.
when you get that nugget twice....
you're way beyond blessed.

bowing down with gratitude.....


JoyZAChoice said...

sounds to me like you made it thru this day with all the courage, kindness and love a person could hope for. long day, no doubt. and i wanted you to know...i was there with you. all day. hugs, ter. i love you.

Carmen Rose said...