Friday, May 22, 2009

ah! THAT'S it!

my tiny bit of reading time has slowed
way down. that's not good. gonna have
to work on that....
BUT i got in one page last nite!
AND i couldn't believe what i read.

THIS is what i was feebly tryin' to say
to my friend yesterday and in a blog
here yesterday.

i read this and thought "ah! THAT'S
how you say it!'

'romantic love has become the religion
of western culture.
instead of exploring our own inner lives
and recognizing the need for an individual,
spiritual relationship with our
Self and the Divine, we too often imagine
the Divine to be located in physical people-
in the object of our love.'

(awakening at midlife, k. brehony)

jeesh i wish i could talk like this lady!
and jeesh i wish everyone would read this book!

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