Friday, May 22, 2009

guess who's coming to dinner!

okay, i wanted to find the post about ed...
but my gosh....that's totally like digging
thru a haystack for a needle! (um...some of
us talk wayyyyyyyyy too much!)

i love the story of ed, but don't want to
do the repeat story and drive you all crazy.

bottom line(s) is that ed is an older gentleman
who never really had much love in his life.
i offered some, and he responded amazingly.

he's the crusty old sailor uncle of bob's.
the one bob told me was way way salty and
a little bit scary.

the same man who reads shakespeare sonnets
to me over the phone now! and wants to come
live near us and be with us.


well.......ed is flying in today for a visit!
he'll be in MY territory! ha!

he'll be staying with bob but visiting here
a bit. he's coming over for dinner tonite.

i am so so delighted to have him in my home.
i want to sit and really really talk with
him tonite.

i have one goal....
to make him feel totally loved and let him
know he matters.

he's almost 80. think it's time.

and i'm hoppin' up and down today that
*i* get to be the one to try to offer this!

feelin' like a little kid!!!!


Anonymous said...

r u gonna bake him a cake that crumbles?


Merry ME said...

Oooooh how fun! Forget the cake that cumbles and go for a dirt cake with gummy worms!

If you love therapy works for Ed can I send you my father? LOL

You are such a blessing to people. I hope you know it and honor it as you do the ones you serve.