Friday, May 22, 2009

i never even planned it!

the coolest thing has been goin' on....
and i didn't even intentionally try....

when i sit down with yo and zakk at a
meal or just hangin' out, we tell stories
of what's goin' on. so i always end up
tellin' them about the incredible women
i'm interacting with. share some of their
stories...that kinda thing.

last nite as i told them one more, i
realized how cool this was. i grinned at
them and told them 'i'm gonna make you
guys feminists without even tryin!'

what i realized was that these guys were
gonna grow up with a real sense of the
struggles and triumphs of women.

and i got so tickled inside when i saw that.
i think i saw it from the look on yo's
face this last time i told a story.

how awesome is that?! and i never even
planned this!!!

what an honor to be raising my sons.

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Carmen Rose said...

what a treat to be a son of your!