Saturday, May 23, 2009

the inbetween parts

so the entering and leaving were a bit rough.
oh man.

dinner was over, the gorillas had gone outside
to go horse play and just the three of us sat
around the table.

i asked ed about life. about hurts. about
forgiveness. about regrets. i asked him about
what he wanted out of life. about his heart
and about living with it open.

it was good.

and he told me something that he had learned
from me. not so much from me, but from my loving
him. he told me he became more aware of his
actions towards others thru my actions towards

i told him that his presence reminds me of the
importance of loving. he's my living proof that
love matters.

he so wanted to share his thoughts with us.
and i listened. questioned a bit, thought a bit
out loud and listened some more.

but i gotta say, it wasn't so much his thoughts
that made my was what was goin' on
between the thoughts.

the visible love that was floating around everywhere.

i looked over at bob. he was so gentle and kind.
i loved him so much.
i looked over at ed....he so wanted to share and be
heard. and i loved him so much.

it was so awesome cool.
by the time ed slid into the car he was just
all twinkling and tellin' me that nothing could
be as great as this visit.

and i smiled.
that's from the man who came in flat on his face.

yeah, there's a lotta things that need fixing in
my house, including that front stoop...
but the love that takes place inside of it
just amazes me.

1 comment:

Merry ME said...

How is it p ossible I can feel that love when all I did was read about it?

Sounds like a night to remember. Maybe everytime Ed rubs his head or his leg he's going to remember you and say mmmmmmmm. An outward and visible reminder of an inward and spiritual grace.

Bless you.