Saturday, May 23, 2009

the beginning and ending parts....

everything about my house is slightly off
and goofy. no, not cause i made it that way.
it was that way when we bought it.
some of the things have been adjusted, and
some not.

well....i just committed to what our next
big project will be...fixing our front stoop.
it's way too low for the front door. so when
you walk in, it's a giant step up to get in
the house....

something that's okay if you know.....something
that's not okay if you're almost 80 and been
travelin' all day.

yep. he took his first step into my house and
landed flat on his face.

i turned to see him laying in my front entrance.

ohmygosh. i was horrified.

he was holding his head. oh my.
we helped him up and got him into a soft chair.
that's when bob noticed his leg was bleedin'
real good.

oh my.

bob's good with this stuff and is busy elevating
his leg and tellin' ed to just lean back while
i'm runnin' for the bandages and washcloths...

such was the entrance of ed into my home.

ed's okay.
bob bandaged him up like a champ.
the blood came off the rug.
and i've vowed to fix my front porch.

as he was leaving i reminded him of the steps.
and we went out slow....
bob's son had left his shoes RIGHT in the
way on the bottom of the steps. and sure
enough....ed tripped over them.

no kidding.
BUT he didn't land down again.
just wobbled.


thank goodness the inbetween visit was
so good......

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