Saturday, May 23, 2009

a lesson from my mom

i just walked thru my living room. the blood didn't come out
quite as good as i thought it did.
(see 2 posts below!) and yeah, i'll
try cleanin' it up a bit more...
but i'm thinking it's gonna be there
in some form or another....

and i got to thinking about my mom.

one of the best things she ever taught
me was in a lesson she lived.

she had this wooden stereo cabinet that
was really nice. she loved it. took care
of it, oiled the wood. the whole deal.
you could tell by the way she touched it
that she really treasured it.

when we were teenagers, my brother's friend
put this huge long scratch across it by

oh wow. it was huge. big. long. all the
way across the front.


and my mom handled it like a champ.
he was so sorry. and she said she'd remember
him always now when she dusted or oiled her

and she smiled and said it was okay.

he's still in my life and i still mention that
scratch from time to time to him. tease him
about it.

it's a great memory. and i thank my mom inside
me all the time for it. she taught me something
big that day.

so, yeah, i'll try to clean that blood up a bit
more....but i'm thinking.....i may think of ed
every time i vacuum or tidy up my living room.

and i think that's gonna be kinda cool...

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