Saturday, May 23, 2009

stopping the churning...

okay. i read this today. and i smiled.
i have this down fairly good with my guy.
fairly good. i mean, there are times it
takes me days to get to this spot....
but i get there and look within....
a fair amount of the time....

but i'm not so good about it in my other
relationships......and today, i thought
of it and went there.....

it changed everything....

'the proper question is not 'why is
he or she doing that to me' or 'who
do they think they are?'but rather
'why am i acting in this way?
who do i think they are?'
....'what can i do about this?'
....where in me is this coming from?'

this was in the section on marriage,
i think....but then it went into family.
and thru it all she talked about how
we project our stuff and what we want
them to be onto them.
and we don't see them for the humans
that they are.

guaranteed when i do that (project),
i'm all churned up inside....and when
i don't i'm really calm about things.

and so today.....i found myself churned
up again. and then i remembered this.

it doesn't take the sad away....
but it takes away the churning.

and i think that's important.
it stops the churning and allows me
to move on....

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