Saturday, May 23, 2009

on my own

something i noticed today....
the hurdles that i face seem to be set
up where i face them alone.

bob's not there. the guys aren't there.

it's usually me on my own dealing with

now, they'll be there afterwards or before
and they're in my heart....

but it just occurred to me that that's
a pattern.

not cause they bail.
i don't mean that.

i mean, the situations seem to just happen
that i'm on my own.

i look back at that and feel a bit
stunned with how that's happened over and
over again.


i think i would have said i couldn't have
done it on my own....

i would have been wrong.

i think i would have changed that if i could.
would have not done it on my own.

so glad i didn't have the say in that.

because today, looking back, it feels really
awesome to know i did it.
on my own.

embracing that i do just a little
bit more....on my own.

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