Sunday, May 24, 2009

memorial day weekend.....

it started friday while i was at the airport.
i saw all the service guys in their outfits
all over the place....and i saw how young
they looked and i thought of my sons.

then yesterday as i was driving, i saw a
ton of motorcycles out, the vets goin' to
the memorial day activities....

and then this morning, more vets on the
road. the stickers, the signs, the flags...

over and over i thought of my sons.

it's an interesting holiday weekend for me.
tryin' to separate some of my feelings
about war from my respect for what these
people have all been thru or are gonna go

it's an important holiday for a thousand
reasons. and one reason that's big on my
mind today is the reminder of how lucky i
am that my sons have never had to go thru
any of this.....

i am going to have a cookout with the three
of them tonite....and i'm just so grateful
they're here. and that they've never had to
be trained to kill.

that's big stuff.