Sunday, May 17, 2009

before the u turns...

again, i stopped at my friend's blog on
my way here. and again, i am humbled by
what she and her husband are going thru.

i didn't realize his illness is from
agent orange.

i stopped when i read that and put my
head in my hands.....

the red tape and lack of responsibility
is exactly what you'd expect. something
i knew about already...but have trouble
stomaching when i'm reading about a friend
trying to deal with it all as she deals with
her sick husband.

she talks about the importance of doing
what you love and care about as you don't
know what u-turns are coming in your own

big heavy sigh.


and i think that's a perfect message for
me this weekend as i celebrate turning 48.

my gosh it goes so fast....
grab what you can....and just as importantly...
give what you can.

it matters.

*pattie's blog....scroll past her kind mention
of a bone sigh and read about what this lady
deals with on a daily basis.

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pattie said...

you just always touch my heart so deeply....