Thursday, May 21, 2009

belief in the magic....

i don't know how it happened, but i found
myself typing out my thoughts on love to
a friend.

what stood out for me big time was the
incredible mix of practicality and magic
i believe in.

he spoke of soul mates.
i spoke of work.

he spoke of once in a life time.
i spoke of work.

laughin' over here.

was definitely feeling my german roots!

i honestly believe 'love' is tossed around
so much, so many don't have a clue of what
it means. and those that toss it around freely
are the most clueless.

i honestly believe loving someone is more
work than i ever could have dreamed of.

not because i'm not giving and loving,
but because it requires so much honesty and
so much self reflection.

truly deep love requires truly deep self love
on both sides.

i see lots of diving and exploring involved...
and while a ton of that is work....
a ton of that is also magic.

that's where the magic lies.
that's the magic that will not fade away
but grow...and grow...and grow.

that's the part about someone else making you

i sat back and shook my head this morning.
i have a lotta guy friends that are more
'romantic' than i am.
how did that happen?!

and yet....i do believe in romance....
i love romance....i just believe in something

it is in the belief in the magic that i keep
on goin'.........

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