Wednesday, May 20, 2009

loving women!

one of my all time favorite books was/is
'conversations with god.'

i remember hearin' a bit about it and then
finally sitting down to read it. i read
a lot more back then....

someone had told me it was 'an easy read.'
so when i got stuck on the first concept
in the book, i was thinking i was in for
a long haul.

but nope, it was only that first concept
that threw me. i just did NOT understand it.

i totally get it now with no problem.
but my gosh then it caused a lot of face

it was the idea that you shouldn't ask
for something when you pray. you should
say thank you, knowing you already received
it. if you're asking for it, you will always
want it. it's the knowing you had it that
changed everything.

i couldn't get it.
but somehow i lived myself into the answer.
and i get it.
don't even ask me to explain it.
you gotta figure that one out on your own!!

i've been thinking the last week that i want
to 'make an intention'....i want to 'put it
out there'....okay....maybe i want to PRAY
for really cool women to surround me in my life.

oh man.

i just walked thru my house and laughed when
i thought of that.


and the more you know it, the more you'll have

and this one was easy. no effort. no gettin'
in the right frame of mind....

it's so in my face, it's blinding.

they're everywhere in my life.

and i want to keep opening space for more and
more to come in.

oh no.
strike that.
that's the lesson in the book......
I AM OPENING the space (not i WANT to) for more
and more to come in......

i am so loving women today!

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