Friday, May 29, 2009

digging deeper

i just read pattie's blog.

she's experiencing major stress about some
of the care giving that is being thrust upon her.
who wouldn't???
i love she puts it out there and shares it.
i would have felt the way she does in this post
long ago....

it made me think of the digging deep that we all have
to do in certain situations.
the digging when we just don't want to anymore.
the digging that seems impossible.
we're just too tired, given too much, tried too
hard and don't have any more....
and yet...we're required to dig more.....

obviously, her husband will gain by her digging
but she herself is the one who's gonna gain the

when it's done, she's gonna see all that she had
inside her that she didn't know was there.

with pattie in my heart, i turn to my own life...
somehow i have a renewed energy to dig deeper....

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