Wednesday, May 6, 2009

flinging snakes

as i drove up, i thought of the snakes.
(a four part story a few blogs below!)

i tossed snakes off as i drove up the highway.

at one point a song with some great beat came
on. i don't even remember the song. but i loved
the beat and i threw snakes off in time with
the music.

and i laughed and laughed!
what a glorious feeling.
flinging snakes on the highway as i drove!

this morning on my walk i had to fling about three
of them off.

and this morning i added a flinging noise to the
sweep of the hand i had been doin'......
this great flingy noise.

it helped.

i think i'll be flinging snakes the rest of my life.

and i'm thinking that's kinda cool.

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