Tuesday, May 12, 2009

for us all.....

someone wrote a note to me....
told me about my bone sighs in the
hospital...a psychiatric hospital...
and how they helped.

it brought back big time memories.
a friend of mine was in a psych place
for a bit and i would visit her.

i brought bone sighs too.

i've seen the pain there.
i've felt it. walked among it.
and was totally rattled by it.

she told me how my words touched the
place she had been in.

i cried as i read the note.
i remembered the place i had seen...

and i bowed my head in gratefulness.

i honestly with my whole heart think
if we all just offer what is inside
us, we can touch the world.

i didn't know that when i started.
but i'm learning.

just offer you.
and let the rest just happen.

what is inside us matters.
it's not what's inside one or two...
it's what's inside us all.

over and over i'm reminded to open my heart
and offer it.......

what an incredible thing to try to do....

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