Thursday, May 7, 2009

gearin' into mother's day....

a friend of mine got this vid made for her
for mother's day.
and i had to share it with you!

at the end is a link for you to make it
for a mom you love, so i thought that would
be fun to share as we head in to mother's
day weekend!

but beyond that......this woman who's
mentioned in this goofy vid really is one
heck of a mom.

she's a single mom of two adorable boys.
and i honestly don't know how she pulls off
all that she does.

i've known her for a few years now and
she really has no idea how much i admire her
as a mom.

if anyone's experienced single mom hood,
you know the drill. it's a lot.

but i gotta say....i never had to do the
single mom of little ones. and that's an
entirely different drill.

way way hard.

i wanted to bow to denise tonite.
yeah, i know the vids really fun and silly...
but behind it is a way cool truth.....
that denise rocks.
and her sons are very lucky to have her.

check it out

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Merry ME said...

Three cheers for Denise and all other Mom's out there! Let's face it, mothering is not an easy job even when you are a high priced lawyer and live in NY!