Thursday, May 7, 2009

loving the differences

he leaned back and started tellin' me a story.

i love when he tells stories.

i grabbed a pillow and curled into the couch
to listen. i watched his face close as he
relayed to me what had happened.

i interrupted to get a detail here, ask a
question there....i wanted to get it all straight
in my mind.

we work totally differently so his stories
always intrigue me. i would never think like he
did or act like he did. how'd he figure that out?
wow, that was cool how he saw that coming.
that kinda thing......

when we interact with people we work from
completely different angles.

and we're always amazed at the differences
between us. his story was a total delight
to me because of our differences.

that makes me think of the control freak post

everyone is so different.
and i always thought i was good with that.
could handle that, embrace that.

but when i started dating someone so different,
it's tested that acceptance quite a bit.
stretched me a whole lot......

and continues to do so.

but moments like last nite, curled in on
the couch delighting in his differences,
i'm reminded of what an incredible thing that

and what an incredible thing it is to learn
to allow those differences even when it feels

we've done a ton of work with that topic....
and as i sit here this morning thinking about it,
i see how far our love has brought us.

i see how loving his differences has brought me
stronger into myself.

go figure.

life is so weird.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

weird yes Terri, but thats what keeps it interesting i guess