Friday, May 15, 2009

giving me the sky

we all grabbed lunch together.

i was confused as to why he didn't head out
in the morning to go hunting. that's what
i thought the plan was......

ohhhhh turns out that was just a cover for
the REAL plan.....

but the weather changed things.

he said he wasn't sure he would tell me what
he was giving me until he gave it to me.
he was afraid i'd back out. not do it.

okay. that made me nervous.
is it scary? i asked.
a little he said.

okay. thanks, but no thanks.
don't want it.

lots of bantering from the guys.

lots of teasing from him about trusting him.

okay. okay.
i'm open. i'm trusting. i'm willing.

what is it??
(i'm scared!!)

and then he told me......

we're goin' on an airplane ride!
one of those small planes....up in the sky.

soon. maybe this weekend...depends on the

and i gulped.

there's nothing i want more than to be in
the sky.

and i am scared.
and i am sooooo excited.

and i'm so grateful.

he's giving me the sky for my birthday.

how cool is that?!
feelin' like the luckiest person alive....


Merry ME said...

That has got to be just about the best birthday present anybody ever got. The Sky. Ooh la la!

Anonymous said...

Glider? Or small plane? Ohhhh....

no matter....just wait

You will *whispers* heavens...

There is a certain reverence in it.