Friday, May 15, 2009

a life time goal....

it prolly isn't fair to enjoy your birthday this
much before it's even hit! but i am loving it so

the coolest thing is the gifts from friends that
are from their loves.

a writer friend gave me some of her writing,
a musician friend gave me some of her music,
things like that....

pieces of themselves.
they're giving me pieces of themselves.

as i walked around the yard planting seedlings
that josh had grown for me, i thought about how
loved i felt. how incredibly loved people were
making me feel.

i see how totally important and wonderful that is.

i want to give that back.
so much so.

i want to let everyone i love know how much i care.

and then i think of all the different stories
and all the different relationships, and all the different
ways in which i would show it.

think that would be one really cool life time goal.
don't ya think?

to give it all back.

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Fire Byrd said...

So I got sent here by Merry ME, and so I can wish you a very Happy Birthday from England