Wednesday, May 27, 2009

hangin' up the safety goggles

it was a light moment. a funny thing.
and he grinned and twinkled at me
and said 'ya see, you just don't see me.'

it was light. and he was joking.
and he wasn't joking.

he was right.
he knew it.
not sure if he knew i knew it.
but i did.

there's so many things i see about him.
and yet so many things i don't.
or at least not right away.

there are so many things about him that
are foreign to me, that unsettle me,
that are different ways to me...

i bring out filters or safety nets
or something for those things...and
my views get blocked or skewed.

it doesn't make sense to me that these
things can bring someone to the same place
i'm going.

but until i take my safety goggles off,
i'll never really see.

i thought i had enough trouble just seeing

somehow tho, i think seeing him...really
refusing the safety goggles is gonna help
me see me too.

not sure how.
just have a feelin'.

looks like it's time to hang the safety
goggles in the shed....

some of this is so much easier to type than
to do.....

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