Tuesday, May 26, 2009


i'm workin' on the 'wonderfuls' for our
website comin' up in june....
(we feature different people every month
who are wonderful)

and i'm lookin' at these two incredible
women....workin' with their pictures right

and i'm thinking of their stories.
and all the stories everywhere.

i'm so lucky that these stories are an
everyday part of my job..

but there's something about workin' with
their pictures, staring at them on my
screen.....seein' their eyes.....

it just really makes me hold what they've
been thru with such care.

the world is full of so so so much hurt.
and the world is full of so so so much

the older i get, the more impressed i
am with the human spirit.

feeling impressed with it all right now...
and grateful to be part of it.

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