Thursday, May 14, 2009

listening, watching, living

we sat talking and she told us of where
she was heading....

emotions ran thru me.

losing someone again....
someone i had really started to love...
that came thru.

but over riding that was knowing it was
right. that she would go where she needed
to go.

i remembered a bone sigh i wrote years ago.

'she would sacrifice what she had to
to go where she needed.'

i understood what was going on inside of her.
i could feel it when she talked, and i
recognized it in the sound of her voice.

i felt honored to watch her follow
her journey and to have been part of it.

i knew what she was sharing was from her

i'll feel the loss, that i know.
but knowing it's right seems to change

i thought of other losses i've grieved...
when they didn't make sense to me, i think
i grieved more. hurt more. fought more.

i think that's interesting.

why do i feel it needs to make sense to me?
when will i give that idea up?

that's part of the beauty of it all...
the fact that it's mystery.

and mixed in the mystery are moments i'm
clear enough to see the sacredness of it all.

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