Thursday, May 14, 2009

loving someone

he hurt her beyond repair.
is that possible?
i think in a way it is.
at least if you just count this

and yet loving her requires loving him.

is that possible?

i never thought i could.
never even tried.

yet truly loving her is requiring kindness
towards him on my part.


how do i reach kindness. real kindness.
sincere, authentic kindness?

how do i reach beyond the anger, rage,
hatred to find some sense of caring?

reaching as far as i can into his depths
i try to find understanding.
i try to find forgiveness.

i try to believe in love.

and once again loving someone brings me
to doors i never thought i could even knock

can i love so truly that i'll be able to
enter those doors?


Carmen Rose said...

Amen, what a challenge.

Anonymous said...

I think that it is not so much "love" in a traditional sense as it is acceptance of all that was.
And that what happened is done.
We think we get there but true acceptance for another's actions involves no blame and in turn no justification on our part either.

We also have to...have to...forgive ourselves completely before we can forgive others in order to love.
We don't generally do that. Forgiveness really isn't about them. It's all about us.

Once we get there...we loose the holding on to part that takes up the space for kindness and love in a whole sense of a whole and him or her or whoever.

Does that make sense?
Harder to do than to preach and yes you can.

All this does not mean tolerating bad behavior on anyone's part...or wanting to be involved with them again. That too is loving and can be kind, gentle and compassionate as well.