Friday, May 8, 2009

my mother's day gift......

so we sat around the kitchen table havin' lunch.
i waited til we were all together to throw some
stuff by them. i like to hand them things i'm
thinking about and see if we can all learn
a little psychology thru it.

they tease about psychology class a lot.

so i threw it out there and sat back and watched.

it was awesome.

zakk spoke right up.

first of all....
that in itself is a miracle.
it's rare he's the first to speak.

he immediately said he thought i had a blind
spot with this issue.

i loved it.
i knew if he was sayin' this it was important.

i looked at him and said 'great, i want to see.
my way of seeing will be to argue the point.
that gonna be okay?'

he agreed.

and he laid it out for me.
it was awesome.

i agreed. didn't even have to argue. said he
was dead on right. but help me with this over
here cause this fuzzes it all up for me...
and so we went thru some strings and complications.

it was so cool.

his brothers chimed in. and we all hashed thru.

we finish. yo speaks up.
'i want to know my blind spots.'

and so we went around the table.
everyone pointing out each other's blind spots.
non threatening.
and we talked about them.

i listened to the insights they gave, the
way they presented stuff to each other...
and the honest to goodness wanting to see
what was goin' on with themselves.

it was so darn cool.
there was bantering and teasing,
a lot of love....
and some real looking.

it was something that couldn't have happened
if there was anyone else in the room.

i knew that.
i knew that what was going on right then
was something that was precious.
that was built between the four of us.
for the four of us.

and that right there.....was my mother's
day gift. a little early...but i'll be holding
it all weekend.

and they had no idea....


t2 said...

you could never could away with that with a girl(s)! lol
p.s. I confess - that's not all you're gettin - I told them you've been secretly coveting a scooby doo chia pet :)

jennie said...

thank you for sharing this beautiful moment with us.

Merry ME said...

Sounds like it was better than anything Dr. Phil could have produced. Three Cheers for Mom! Three Cheers for her boys!