Saturday, May 9, 2009

mother's day weekend.....

the mother's day gifts just keep coming.

an incredibly fun nite last nite playin'
poker with the guys. i usually stay out of
their poker games. way too serious for me.
and i want to just play and laugh and bet
millions of chips.

well, i guess they wanted to play too cause
they asked me in and we sat around carryin'
on and laughin' and goofin' the nite away.
it was so fun.

when i went to bed, i felt like i had just
had my mother's day.

and then this morning......i come down to
a note from my guy's son asking me for advice
on eating better.


and he actually called me 'ter''s
always been terri. which of course, is my name.
and he should call me terri.

but i think somewhere along the way he saw my
friends call me ter....and there he was asking
ter for veggie advice.


this may not seem like a miracle to anyone else.
but i about fell thru the floor. i looked up at
the sky and said 'i DO believe in miracles!'

it made me sit back and think of this incredibly
long road he and i have traveled together.
and then i thought of all the boys and i had
been thru.....

and i thought of mother's day.......

it is quite a job, bein' a mother, isn't it?
and the kids seem to think you know what you're
doin' all the time.....if they only knew!

and nah, i'm not my guy's kids' mom by a long
shot....but i've tried hard to give them something
they've needed...and it's definitely been on
the motherly/nurturing scale. and i thought
how great it was i got that note this morning.

i think the most amazing thing about being a mom
is how the kids grow me. they have added so many
dimensions to who i am....

people comment on what i've done for them....
but just as equal to me, is what they've done for me.

they have been the ones who were the reason
i held on to knowing that there was love in
the world when i wasn't sure it existed.

they have been inspiration, roots, soul to me.

they have been so much more than i could ever tell

and i honestly think i'm the luckiest mom in the
whole world.

how cool is that?

what a great feeling to be holding this mother's
day weekend.

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