Saturday, May 9, 2009

weekend quotes for you!

got some awesome quotes outta my midlife book.
well...not MY midlife book.
kathleen brehony's midlife book~!!

she was quoting others here and i loved
what she grabbed!
thought i'd share:

'in this life we cannot do great things.
we can only do small things with great love.'
-mother teresa


'love is the only way to grasp another human
being in the innermost core of his personality.'
-v. frankl

ohhhhhhhh awesome.

and emily dickinson...
' then sunrise kissed my chrysalis -
and i stood up- and lived -'

she totally rocks.

and for the finale! from carlos castaneda's
don juan:
'look at every path closely and deliberately.
try it as many times as you think necessary.
then ask yourself and yourself alone one
question. this question is one that only
a very old man asks. my benefactor told me
about it once when i was young and my blood
was too vigorous for me to understand it.
now i do understand it. i will tell you
what it is: does this path have a heart?
if it does, the path is good. if it doesn't
it is of no use.'

i love these.
i love this book.
it's been a few weeks since i've had time
to pick it up.......
i've missed it.

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Farrukh Iftikhar Siddiqui said...

Im searching some quotations through Google & I found your blog. you have done a very nice work here at your space. very nice.. Keep it up.