Tuesday, May 5, 2009

snakes part three

another memory crept up on me.
and i started to go there.

and then.......
i realized.

and i saw it.

it was like one of those black snakes
had started slitherin' up my leg.

i yanked it off of me and threw it
across the street.

oh yeah.

i can see those snakes like to come
crawlin up me.

and it's gonna be my job to keep throwin
them off until they don't do that anymore.

and that helped so much!
just havin' a visual to work with when
the ick started coming.

i absolutely know i'll be usin' this one
tonite and tomorrow.

and i got all excited.
snakes! what a great visual.

and then i gasped out loud.

(final cliff hanger......see snakes part four!)

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