Tuesday, May 5, 2009

snakes part two...

so i headed back and looked up at the
trees and thought about growin' up.

okay, there was a lot of dysfunction.
so ask anyone.
they had it too.

and then my favorite line from that
movie 'the secret' popped into my head.

the guy's talkin' about all the reasons
we give for not living the life we want.
and we go thru the 'i had a tough childhood'

and he looks straight at ya and says

'well, that's just like a big so what?'

i love love love that.

so what?

EVERYONE'S got a hard story.

it's just a big so what.

what you gonna do with it, ter?

and i smiled.

and i felt better.
and i noticed i wasn't breathin'
black smoke out anymore.....
it was gray...but not black.

so i decided that i was gonna concentrate
on the now and what i had now.
i was leavin' those snakes behind.

and i smiled and felt lighter.....

and then......

(ohhh! another cliff hanger!!!!! see part

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