Tuesday, May 5, 2009

snakes part one...

oh wow.
can't get my thoughts out fast enough.
this will definitely be posted in parts.

tryin' to breathe out the negative energy.
something my buddhist cousin taught me.
and of course, i'm sure i screwed up and
did my own way. breathin' out the black
smoke/energy and breathin' in the white
good stuff.

took awhile for that black smoke to go
away! i just kept puffin' it out.

was processing and thinking of this thing
and that thing that happened and gettin'
caught just where i didn't want to get
caught when i got to my goodmorningworld spot.

i stood there for awhile. tryin' to get
a grip. finally i told myself it's just a
huge black box of ick. you knew the box was
black. what did you think it was made of
anyway? it had to be full of individual black
things to make the entire thing black.
and i pictured dark icky snakes.

(little note here...i really like snakes
and i particularly like black snakes. it
was not good snakes in this box. just so you
know. i hate to slander black snakes!)

so i pictured a box of snakes. and i thought
ya know....just put it down, ter.

and i looked in front of where i was standing.
don't put it there.
you'll see it every morning right there.

so i looked across to the trees.
yeah, put it way over there. let them slither
out wherever they like, but just not here.

and so i did......
and i started walkin' back towards home
when a thought popped into my head.....

(ah! a cliff hanger! see part two.....)

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