Wednesday, May 6, 2009


ahhhhh the walk would be a good one
this morning. much for me to celebrate

i had just started when i saw my elderly
neighbor out. went up to say hello and
kid around with her a bit.

she hadn't been feelin' too good she told
me. so i asked her about it.

and we stood there talking.

i knew that she needed some visiting.
i had a choice.....get that good intense
walk in or visit.

i looked at her face.
visit, of course.

i'll get in a short quick walk.

and so i did.

i was aware of what was goin' on.
aware that she needed love and kindness
and attention.

i purposely gave her all of that.

i'm tired this morning so i'm moving a little
slower which works well when i'm intentionally
offering things. i can sorta pace myself and
watch what i'm doin'.

and so i watched.

she responded to what i offered.
i responded to her responding.
and this really cool thing between
us took place.

as i said goodbye and went off to catch a
quick walk, i thought of all the stages of

she's in one heck of a hard one right now.

it's never easy, is it?

but thru every one what we really seem to need
is each other.
and what we seem to need from each other is so
just love and caring.

and yet we get so swept up in undercurrents
and weirdness that it gets complicated to give.

she's easy. i have no strings or baggage with her.
loving her and giving to her is easy.
but what about the challenges in my life?

as i walked, i thought.

maybe the goal with those challenges in my life
is just to offer love and caring and step out of
the complications.

oh, way easier said than done.....
but seems like exactly what i want to do.

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