Friday, May 15, 2009


i sat on the floor of my studio this morning
surrounded by my high school yearbooks.
oh my.

tomorrow i'm seein' two old, old friends.
they go back to JUNIOR high school. haven't
seen them in a million years.

one i knew more than the other....
but since facebook has been invented, it
doesn't matter. i feel like i know them
both now.

they both have such a great streak of
playfulness in them, so they've won my heart.
anyone who will play and goof with me is
my buddy!

in between the goofing has been the catchin'
up on life...some of the harder stuff has
come out.
there's been divorces, and struggles, and
health issues.

these two guys have stirred up so many thoughts
and so much reflection recently.

i cannot think of a better thing to do on
my birthday but to meet up with them and
kinda have the past meet present. reflect
on where we've been and where we're goin'.

sit around and laugh with them and watch my
boys interact with the men who i remember
as zakk's age.

wow, will that be strange.

that was a lotta worlds ago.
not even just one world ago.
but a lotta worlds ago.

and yet that history that i share with
these guys bonds us all.

it's just the neatest thing.

it's always confused my mind.

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