Tuesday, June 2, 2009

and more fell....

i set myself up big time.
it was an hour and a half drive home.
i turned up at the top of the neighborhood,
where the trees are....
ahhhh i thought.....i missed them this
morning. i didn't get up this far.......
feels good to be home.....

uh oh.
then i remembered.

oh i wonder what they did today.....

and as i drove closer to home, i saw them...
trees down all along the side....

i drove slow.
a neighbor was walking up to one in his
yard that had been cut down.
he had the saddest look on his face.
i drove by slow, looked over.
he looked at me and said 'sad....'
i nodded.
couldn't even say anything.

they got real close to my house. but
they musta run outta time.
tomorrow will be us, i think....

i got out of the car. saw my neighbors
on their porch. pulled out the child
car seat they had loaned me for the day
and walked up and returned it.

i asked them if they saw.....

we chatted a bit.

she's a survivor of breast cancer.
she wanted to know how the chemo went

and then i remembered......
i looked at them and said i had to
keep that in mind....when i think of
where i spent my day today, i have to
remember to keep the trees in perspective.
we all agreed.

i'm still gonna cry, i said to them....
but i'll concentrate on our blessings too....

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