Thursday, June 11, 2009


i got side tracked this morning in the
middle of my blog...

we just sent our newsletter out.
and there was a few snags here and there
to fix....

and the big news is we got the audio
well, mostly....
there's no button on the website yet
for gotta go thru our newsletter
or this link

there's three recordings.
one's kinda long....and i just found out this morning,
has a glitch! it's a small one that will only confuse those
who are really really listening....
i'm gonna leave it for now.....

and then two shorter ones.

putting my voice to the stories was very difficult
for me.....seems to put it in a whole different
personal realm....

but what the heck!
i'm puttin' it out here for anyone interested....

and now i'm gonna go hide.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Terri! Don't you run off and hide anywhere. You stay right in the sun and out of the shadows where we can all still see you and love you. :)

Those were wonderful and captivating and sad all at the same time. And a beautiful glimpse into a beautiful heart. I'm so glad you shared them.

(And by the way... I listened to the long one twice and didn't hear the glitch. I was going to listen a third time, thinking maybe I wasn't concentrating enough, but then I said to myself.. "Lis, if the 'mistake' isn't obvious, why on earth would you want to go searching for it anyway?!?"
So there you have it. :)