Thursday, June 11, 2009

flower power....

the construction workers in my neighborhood
have found their way into more than one blog

i've been tryin' hard to get used to them,
accept what they're doin, not blame them,
and yeah even be friendly.

i was walking today and said good morning to
different ones...and i noticed how friendly
it's all gotten.

it's helped a lot in my dealing with the
intrusiveness of this whole project.

last nite i went out to the three different
machine/truck things they parked in front of
my house and put a goofy, perky fake flower
on each one. i figured they needed something
pretty among all the mud and destruction....
i twisted the stems and aimed the flower right
where the driver's face would be!

somehow this all had me thinking about life this

i KNOW the more positive outlook towards these
guys has helped me with the whole thing....

so how about life?
how about when something else that feels
intrusive and destructive comes along?
how about tryin' to find something in it
to come to terms with? something to make the
going a little bit easier?

kinda got me thinking today.....

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