Wednesday, June 10, 2009

a new tree!!!!

so there we are, climbing on the construction

they parked them in front of my house. in what
used to be my yard. and then left for the day.

i couldn't believe it when i saw them.
laughed and told the kids they were rubbing
salt into my wounds!

hmmmmm......well, as long as they're there.....
i definitely saw a photo op!

so off yo and i went....climbing aboard and
taking pictures of each other!

the photo session got cut short. everything
happened at once and people needed our attention.

one of the things was the ups man drove up.
with a box.
for me.

hmmmm......a plant???

imagine my delight when i opened up a small
red oak tree!!!!!!

an oak tree!!!!!!!!

oh man.

laughter....tears of delight.
deep sighing in appreciation of this woman
who sent it......

and what wonderful timing!

i've got trees to plant.....soon.....very soon.

and i've got the world's most amazing people
in my life.......

thank you, sorrow, you totally rock!!!!!!!
and so does my new tree!!!

1 comment:

Merry ME said...

Who knew you could send a tree via ups? Wow! What a great thought. Way to go Sorrow.

So do we get to see the pictures?