Monday, June 8, 2009

covered deep....

talkin' to yo and zakk at breakfast...
brought up the question on opening.
(see posts below)....

we all agreed that people start out
open...little kids. they're open. but
that that gets covered more and more.

zakk mentioned that maybe some people
have it so covered that being open isn't
part of them anymore.

or at least that they realize.

cool point.

of course it made me think....

what things did i 'come down' with
that i've covered so much they don't
feel like part of me anymore??

and do i want to unearth them???


1 comment:

Merry ME said...

I remember hearing somewhere that parents spend the first two years of a child's life building them up and the rest of their lives breaking them down. At least that is the gist of how I remember it.
And it is true I think that when babies are born we love them so much and want so much for them that everything they do, from smiling, to eating, to sleeping thru the night, to pooping where you want them to, to splashing in puddles and coloring on the wall is on the genius level. But at some point if they are going to survive in this programmed world we have to take away their freedom and creativity and start molding them into a shape that fits the whole they were put here to fill. Some kids embrace the idea and stay open and excited about success. Others, I think, begin to shut down, forget to hear their own song, stop dancing to their own rythym and lose themselves. It takes love and gentleness to rekindle the light. But it also takes a willingness on the part of the person to open back up, and stretch.