Monday, June 8, 2009


i've been worried about him.
he's been having a really hard time.
he dropped me a note this morning to
check in....and explained to me how
he's felt like a 'spectator' to life
instead of a participant.

oh wow.
oh wow.

i stopped on that one.

i remember when i got the word 'victim'...
it was so exciting.

i could look around me and see so many victims...
people who just weren't gonna change what was
goin' on because they felt helpless.

then i'd notice when i fell into victim mode.
i'd catch it and be awed by it.
it's so easy to fall into.
and then when i'd see it, i could change it.

here's a new one!

it's got a bit of a twist to it......
and i think it can be equally as helpful.

gonna watch now.
to see who's participating around me and who's
and gonna keep an eye on myself.
when do i switch from one mode to the other.
and why?
and how's it feel????

ohhhhhhh new words! new concepts!

what are you today?
spectator or participant???

good question, isn't it???

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