Monday, June 8, 2009

figurin' out open


maybe i need to figure out what i mean by
opening. (see post below).....

not hiding.
not protecting.
just being.
sharing who you are.

i have found the times that i feel like
i 'connect with the source' are the times
where i lose myself, and totally open.

'losing myself' would prolly be defined
as forgetting that i'm a me. that i need
protecting and hiding and guarding....

so yeah.......
opening to me is a way to 'the source.'

can someone get there a whole different way?
well, yeah, i would think so.
would be pretty arrogant to think my way's it.

but will the different ways include opening
of some sort.

they would have to wouldn't they???

i've got some mulling to do......

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