Monday, June 8, 2009

never assume

i woke up thinking about her.
wow, does she go thru most of her days
guarded with walls? wow....i think she

i rolled outta bed wonderin' what's
the point then? isn't it all about opening?

then he called and somehow it came up.
how he had to shut down here and there.

okay, i totally get we have to shut down at
times to get thru, to take care of ourselves.
heck, i'm the queen of that. can do it in
a heartbeat.

but the opening stuff......i thought we all
wanted it.

don't we??

i thought about it as i did some stretches....

okay, ter, you know darn well everyone works
differently. what's important to you doesn't
have to be important to someone else.

i grabbed that.
got it.

i don't have it.

it slipped away.

and now i'm confused....

i think there's set things that are part
of being human....the need for love, belonging...

what about being open????

isn't that kinda our original state we all want
to get back to???

i really don't know.
i thought it was. never even questioned that.

i totally get not being able to at times...and
i don't know anyone who has a life filled with it
all the time......

but now i'm wondering......
does everyone want it?

never assume, they say.
and i just realized....i have been totally assuming
this one.....

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