Monday, June 8, 2009

hi, i'm your body....

i'm in, i tell myself.
i'll work on this body stuff.........

now what?!

i thought it would be cool to do a visual
with little terri.
i just couldn't do it.
i resisted and resisted and resisted.

maybe not.

and so i walked and just tried to tune
in to my body.
feel the steps, the strength in the steps....
the bounce, the stride, the arms swinging...

yeah.....maybe i need to start by tuning in.
doesn't seem like you can even start, ter,
til you do that.

and i smiled...

introduced my body to myself....
hi, i'm your body, nice to meet you.

whew. guess i have a ways to go.....
but it feels real good to try.

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