Sunday, June 7, 2009

love, respect and bodies...

hmmmmmmmmmm.......being the pain in the
neck observant partner that he is,
when i mentioned to him on the phone
this morning that i want to grow the
love and respect i have for myself,
he didn't miss a beat when he said
'the perfect place to start is your
latest quest.'

he worded it that way as his son was
right there, and he was respecting
my privacy. which is funny as i come
and type it all up here....

my body image!

oh man.
as soon as he said it, i felt myself
get scared.

laughing at the reaction here.

but he's right.
talk about a perfect place to start
watching your level of love and respect.
and perfect place to see where you need
to tweak....

man....this should be way interesting....

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