Saturday, June 6, 2009

the dance of family

so the guys sat helping me with the recordings.
(see post below)
and i really felt shy.
and they responded so gently and kindly....

i was thinking of that this morning.

i love what the four of us have.
how we can take our vulnerabilities to each
other and know it's safe.

i love the jokes that come from growin' up
together and inside goofiness.

the knowing how we're doin' from just the
tiniest change in expression, that other
people don't catch. but we all know cause
we're so used to each other.

the waiting til other people have left,
to check back in on that expression change.

the knowing of when to back each other up
and be next to each other in a tough spot,
or to step back and give some space...

the dance of family.

altho.......i never had this before.
it doesn't just come automatically.
and you're not guaranteed it.

i do know it's a gift.

and last nite as i squirmed with vulnerability,
i was so aware of it. and so thankful for it.

i am really really lucky.

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