Sunday, June 7, 2009

trust and respect....

i can't even imagine talkin' like this
with anyone else....and yeah, i guess it
takes a whole lotta trust....

when he turned to me and asked me why i
thought he did a certain something, my
eyes locked on his. really? i asked.
you really want me to say?
yeah...he did.

'i think with this, you're selfish.'

and he sat there and thought about it.
turned it around a bit, asked me a few
things....and held it. owned it.

wasn't too much longer when i found it my
turn to hold the self absorbed bowl.

no, tell me, i insisted.
i really really want to know.

and he told me. and it was hard to hear....
but it woulda been harder not to.

i thought about it, turned it around a bit,
asked him a few things...and held it.
owned it.

it was a blip outta the day where we stopped
to do a little work.

and then....the day kept going. we kept laughing,
talking, loving....

i don't think i ever really experienced trust
and respect like this before...

i don't think i can ever accept less again....

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Merry ME said...

I love when this happens. And it did for Jack and I just the other day. We fussed a little, then came to an understanding we could both accept, then went right into the grocery store like nothing happened. No pouting. No whining. No stuffed baggage. It was a great feeling. Communication rocks!