Monday, June 1, 2009

don't even try it....

so something happened today that felt icky.
i was havin' a good day.
then there was ick.
all over me.
bob called.
i told him about the ick.
what do you think i should do with it???
'it's not your ick.' he pointed out.

oh yeah...
oh yeah.......
good point.
why do i do that????
why do i take on other people's ick so
and so i remembered the snakes....
my visual of other people's ick.
and how i'd toss them off if they started
climbing on me.

i immediately went to tossing the snake off.
bob recommended throwin' it on the highway....
i'm just a tad more gentle.....i threw it
in the woods.....

later i was workin' on an idea, and i got
to thinking....
there is so little time.....
do not spend your time on other people's ick!!!
concentrate on what excites you, what fuels you,
what feels good to you.

do what you need to do to create your life.


there's too much good for this ick.....
every now and then since i had that thought,
i'll turn and see that snake slitherin' back
and i'll laugh and toss my head.

i've got too much to do, snake.
don't even try it.

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