Wednesday, June 3, 2009

holy moments

when the nurse bent over and kissed her
on the cheek and told her what a great
job she did as we were preparing to leave,
i just kinda stood still and held it.

i've watched that nurse every time we've
been there. i really really like her.

i keep thinking how it'd be if i met
her somewhere for the first time and i
asked her 'and what do you do?'
and she would tell me she's a nurse.
or she might tell me she's an oncology

knowing me, i'd prolly ask her more about
that and wonder how she copes....ask
her for stories about that kinda thing.

but i don't think i would have understood
the angel that lives inside of her.
because it's not in any big story she could
tell's in every small detail of
her day that the angel comes out.

when i watched her give the kiss on the
cheek, i felt the feathers of her wing
brush against me....

and i held the moment.

sometimes i'm aware enough to catch the
holy moments.

that was one of them......

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Anonymous said...


There are so many angels out there each day. Remind me sometime to tell you about one oncology nurse who wasn't.