Thursday, June 25, 2009

keep your eyes to the sky...

it's been a struggle lately for us as a
couple. we haven't had a lotta time for just
us....actually, we've had precious little,
and we're tryin' hard to work some stuff out
in his life that's truly difficult.

we've been exhausted, frustrated, discouraged,
and hopeless at times lately.

after a really frustrating conversation in the
morning, a tentative shorter one in the afternoon,
we had about an hour to ourselves before we
did the meet up we were scheduled to do with
his son.

one whole hour all week....actually, i think we
stretched it to an hour and a half.

and somehow we managed to touch love between us
and really find it and hold it. at one point we
looked at each other both wanting things to be
easier. i had tears in my eyes, he had that serious
look of his.

we both know it is what it is right now and we're
doin' the best we can. we talked of someone who
had some stuff we couldn't even imagine holding with
her sick daughter. we talked of all the hard stuff
people hold. and how ours was easy compared to all
of that. we stopped and felt gratitude for what we had.

as we got ourselves together to go do what we had
to do, i told him how lucky i was to have him. and
i meant it. whatever the obstacles and hurdles and
challenges that we're dealing with right now....if
we hang on to the gratitude, we'll do fine.

no. we'll do better than fine.
we'll be in a place of love.

when i focus on the frustrations, i crash.
i crash hard.

you'd think that'd be enough to keep me focused in
the right place.

nahhhh....i am so hard headed that way.

keep your eyes to the gratitude, ter.
keep your eyes to the sky.....
and fly with the beauty that is there.

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